These quick tips are not essential to every landscape picture you take, but bear them in mind and apply them judiciously to improve your scenic images.

* A foreground object will help to frame the scene and add a look of three-dimensionality.
* Frame the scene so that it contains a center of interest - an object that draws the viewer's eye into the picture.
* Placing the center of interest off-center, in accordance with the Rule of Thirds, will create a harmonious composition.
* Placing the horizon a third of the way down from the top or bottom of the frame is usually much better than having it in the middle of the scene.
* Scale can often be important to the understanding of a landscape, and can be achieved by including an object of a known size in the scene. People, animals or other recognizable objects that would naturally belong in the scene are suitable for showing scale.
* The quality of lighting is perhaps the most influential attribute of a successful landscape. Waiting for interesting lighting that is moody, dramatic or diffused usually pays off in a memorable photograph.
* Ensure that your camera's flash is turned off when shooting landscapes, unless you require it to brighten a foreground object. Flash in a dusty, misty or foggy scene may cause flare by reflecting off the droplets of moisture or dust particles.
* Use a tripod to ensure sharpness, especially in low-light conditions.
* Watch for unsightly or unnatural elements such as overhead wires, hydrants, poles and garbage cans, especially in the foreground. If you cannot easily move them, reposition yourself to a camera angle that eliminates them from the frame.

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