There is probably no type of photography that is more disappointing to the beginner than flash photography. Unlike natural-light photography, where what you see can often be what you get, it is difficult to visualize what the effects of using flash will be. Flash is shut off until the moment of exposure, and then its illumination is too brief to visually evaluate what it does to your picture.

Many just hope for the best, and are frequently surprised by the disappointing appearance of those in which we used flash. Shadows can be harsh due to the high contrast from direct flash, and images can look stark; sometimes facial lighting is flat or subjects have red-eye; foreground objects are often overexposed, looking bleached out, while background objects are darker than we expected.

This is primarily due to the small size of the light source. If you bounce the flash off a wall or ceiling, you will get a softer, more even distribution of light.

Taking the flash off the camera and putting in towards one side, you will change the angle of shadows that will add more depth and texture to the image.

Using a slower shutter speed in darker interiors will allow more ambient light to create a closer balance to the brightness of the flash. Be wary of using a shutter speed fast enough to avoid camera movement. You may also need a coloured filter over the flash unit to match the red-yellow hue of incandescent light bulbs, or the greenish hue of flourescent bulbs.

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Kelowna Photography News

Okanagan professional photographer

GeoMetrik Manufacturing moves into Kelowna

APRIL 2018 - After years of success in West Kelowna manufacturing specialty wood finishes with improved acoustic qualities for ceilings and walls in commercial buildings, Vladimir and Natasha Bloshakov were featured in Business Development Canada magazine. The company is also expanding operations now in a new plant near the Kelowna Airport making it easier to send products to customers around the world. I photographed the couple in the new office with my Nikon D800 camera fitted with a 14mm lens.

Kelowna Portrait Photography

Kudos to Caroline

JUNE 2018 - Caroline Weilandt-Lohn was profiled in WorkSafeBC's magazine for her fine work in the Kelowna office. I captured a portrait of her with my Nikon D800, 150mm f3.5 @ 1/250; flash unit triggered with RadioPoppers.

Banking on Kindness

JULY 2018 - Bank of Montreal employees stepped out from their financial desks to help out at The Bridge Family and Youth Services in Kelowna, volunteering to paint the fence and spruce of the yard.

Kelowna Photographer Desmond Murray

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